Goal Alignment & Skills

Goal Alignment & Skills

Curated Recommendations, Coaching & Skill Building for achieving Career & Education Goals.

Goal Alignment

UCaliber’s data-driven, informed, comprehensive process involves a coach driven and simulated coaching process. It results in a set of self-chosen, relevant, ambitious & achievable goals that are aligned to one’s core Strengths and interests. Additionally it helps in charting the specific steps and actions that help achieve these goals.

Prioritizing, Planning & Organizing

Communication & Influencing

Problem Solving & Decision making

Crucial Skill Building

    Training for a set of 4-5 Crucial Success Skills that are unique to Child’s profile and are absolutely must for future success.

    We also provide structured training & technical knowledge on:
  • Prioritizing, Planning & Organizing
  • Problem Solving & Decision making
  • Communication & Influencing
  • Self management – Rigor, Grit & Growth mindset
  • Design Skills, Systems Thinking