What We Promise

What We Promise

UCaliber is a Systematic, Data-Informed and possibly the best way for identifying and achieving worthy & ambitious Goals for youngsters. Through our Scientific Assessments & Goal Achievement Process, we help in identifying sharp Career & Education goals that are a best fit for one’s unique caliber. Further we align and help build the Crucial Skills that are a must for achieving these worthy goals.

What we do & How we go about it ?

UCaliber is a Career Development Platform for your teenager/ young adult child, that -
  • Does an In-depth Assessment for accurately predicting the most rewarding career and education choices matching your child’s core personality and unique strengths.
  • Through its Goal Achievement System helps in setting clear, ambitious & achievable career goals for these young adults. It also provides them tools and techniques for goal striving and creating a Goal directed discipline for achieving their selected Career & Education goals.
  • Finally, UCaliber helps them build ‘Crucial Success Skills’ that are key to the goal achievement and making of a very compelling profile.

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UCaliber’s process involves:

  • Multi-dimension Psychometric Assessments for accurately predicting high success Careers & Education streams for Youngsters.
  • Goal Performance Coaching for Aiming, Aligning, Striving and Achievement of Goals.
  • Building 5-6 Crucial Skills that are foundation of future-ready successful Careers & Education.

Benefits Of UCaliber Career Development System

  • Absolute clarity in one’s matching Career Fields and Education Streams, possible Job roles & posisions.
  • Purposeful execution of Career Goal achieving strategy.
  • Higher focus, performance and self-efficacy.
  • Increased time spent on Clear & high impact priorities.
  • Higher commitment to Goals and Learning crucial skills.
  • Creating a powerful Self Narrative and a Compelling Self profile.