Why You need Us

Why You need Us

Success in Career and Education greatly depends on the Level of match between person’s unique strengths, temperament and crucial requirements of a Career path.

Why You need UCaliber?

In today’s increasingly competitive world, potential, talent and skill are no longer enough. One needs to be made aware of one’s true skills, know how to act on them and choose a path that allows an individual's latent potential to shine. UCaliber ensures that young adults choose their career & education goals based on a scientific & data driven process that strongly aligns their core strengths, interest, natural abilities and career ambitions to the real job market demands and opportunities.

"UCaliber provides solution to all the above aspects in its Career development Platform."

Why Choosing Best-Fit Career is so important as well as so difficult?

  • It Involves High Stakes: Life changing decision like Career & Education selection shouldn’t be guided by Opinions, hunches, trends, imitations, or parent’s own career experience only. It should rather be backed by – a data driven, rigorous and reliable Assessment process to identify the best fitting, right career path and education stream for your child.
  • It demands High Investment of Time, Money & Energy: For parents, children education & career settlement is one of the highest investments in terms of time, energy and money. Its important this decision should be taken through a scientific & data-driven assessment & selection process.

Why Focus on Teenagers?

While the systematic implementation of the UCaliber process will benefit people of all ages and from all walks of life, we focus on your teenager. The teenage years (14-19 years, Class 9th –12th) are the most crucial time of a person’s life, and in a way the most confusing; these are the years when the path you take for the rest of your life is laid down. And this is the time to take assessments and plan for career and education streams. Why? Because a successful career requires a strong academic foundation - the first brick of this foundation is laid when one chooses their stream. Put a scientifically inclined student in the humanities (or vice-versa) and you will see how the smartest minds will shrivel in the wrong environment. And a teenager needs to know what the right choices are to be able to shine and when they do, the hunger to achieve more and the knowledge that they are capable individuals is automatically instilled. Assessment done during this age is also more accurate as most personality defining factors are stabilized post 14 years of age. UCaliber, with its scientific methodology, will ensure the right choices are made, that your child knows not only how to achieve success but also maintain it. And most importantly, they will enjoy the process. We not only work with teens, we understand them.