Why You Need Us?

To ensure an outstanding Career & Education success for your Teenager child, who is not fully sure about his/her career and education streams. It’s the goal clarity and the match between one’s strengths & abilities to the Career goals is what really decides success.

Why is it so hard to choose a Career?

It is difficult to choose a career that rightly matches your Interests, skills and temperament. Because, selecting a career requires a high level of analysis and matching of one's personality, strengths, interests and work-styles with the complex occupational information. And that is where....

What We Do?

UCaliber scientifically assesses and aligns the core strengths & career temperament of your ward and matches it to his/her most promising & rewarding career & educational streams. It further coaches & trains them with a Goal Achievement Process and a set of Crucial-Skills, that are a must for a...

Subscription Packages


In-depth Assessment

A detailed 27 pages report with in-depth assessment of your Core-Strengths, Career-Temperament, Work-Styles & Natural-Abilities and finding the Best-Suited-Careers & Education streams that match YOUR unique profile.

Rs. 1500/- Inclusive of Taxes
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Get it at Rs. 500/- Inclusive of Taxes

Level-1 & Level-2

Assessment & Goal Achievement Plan

Using our Action-Based-Achievement-System, a 90 day scientific process, that has Assessments, Tools, Techniques and a built in Coach-Process that creates a Road-Map and structured ways of Goal Achievement. It also helps you build a set of Crucial Skills that are a must for success.

Rs. 4500/- Inclusive of Taxes
Rs. 3000/- Inclusive of Taxes

For Schools and insitutions

"Know Your Caliber"

Report Highlights

(Detailed user report of 25+ pages)

Summary of Assessment Result

Factor Analysis Report

Assessment 1 Report

Benefits Of UCaliber Career Development System

    Absolute clarity in one’s best-suited career and education Streams, possible job roles & positions.

    Purposeful execution of a systematic career goal achieving strategy.

    Higher focus, performance and self-efficacy.

    Increased time spent on high impact priorities.

    Higher commitment to goals

    Learning crucial skills.

    Creating a powerful self-narrative and a compelling candidate profile.